Mais a visão se aprofunda,
mais estrelas se percebem,
na escuridão...

2 de agosto de 2011

Abandoned ship

From this journey, everything I know.
Traversed overpowering nights,
throwing messages woven from heart and hands,

Just me, my lantern
and the omnipresent darkness.
Disorientated days of light and mist
and ideals, pursued mirages.

On this ship beaten by the time,
always fighting the waves,
the rocks, the storms,
without harbor, without north, without rudder,
I gave up sailing.

Calm closed eyes,
my abandoned ship,
free from the rebel command,
the feelings whipping the deck,
the unquietness walking the holds,
free from thoughts, so tattered sails.

My drifting ship,
now greeted by birds,
carried by white froth,
crossed by wind,
like breathing, free,
at last.

18/08/2005 (original)