Mais a visão se aprofunda,
mais estrelas se percebem,
na escuridão...

4 de fevereiro de 2012

Loneliness horse

From the moment I was born,
the nobility of what I am
was lost in time.

Far away in this life of mine,
I realized my only and mere value,
promise of work I've always been.

I persevered resigned, forbearing,
learning to be strong,
enduring cold, rain, thirstiness, famine,
rendering my strength to where they lead me,
accepting, with no understanding,
walking paths that were not mine,
bearing the burdens,
staying and waiting

Staying and waiting,
serene eyes, thinking,
time passing through my entrails.

Serene eyes, as if not thinking or feeling
the solitude staying and waiting with me,
contemplating life
alive and free,

27.03.2003 (full original)
(Short version published on some websites, from March 2003.)